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Painless Delivery Epidural anesthesia is a most effective and advance in pain management during the labor, which will ensures that a pregnant woman will have a comfortable labor. It is a regional anesthesia in which the anesthetic drug is been injected near the spinal cord in the spinal canal. PROCEDURE: :In this, at the place of lower portion of the back, a fine plastic tube is been inserted with the medicine in epidural space. :After this, pain lowering medicines were regularly supplemented with the determined quantity with a help of infusion pump until the birth of the child. :From this, the sensitivity to the pains will disappears for some period of time, but the capacity of running motor fibers such as muscle remains active. :Since the mother can be cooperate in delivering child by applying her normal force. The women will get full relief from the labor pain. :She will remains by talking with full relaxation & she does not get the feeling that the mouth has fully opened up & the child is about to come outside. Even the family members will be surprised to see the child to be having been delivered without pain. :Unless it was experienced on self, it is very difficult to believe this smooth process. Painless delivery in Jalandhar
CANCER AWARENESS Initiating more than 10, 000 awareness camps in schools, colleges and workplaces. Executing cancer awareness campaigns Hosting cyclothons, walkathons and other community programs like Relay For Life to spread the word. EARLY DETECTION Facilitating early detection for more than 30 lakh people through 25, 000 camps with the help of mobile detection vans across urban and rural India per Year. Suspect cases are provided assistance by ICS by facilitating further investigations at reputed cancer hospitals. CANCER CURE Disbursing over a 100 crores each year through the Cancer Cure Fund. To treat more than 3, 000 underprivileged patients every year. Through leading cancer hospitals across the country RESEARCH AND LEARNING. RESEARCH AND LEARNING Research through the Cancer Registry. Learning programmes through symposia and conferences. Indian Journal of Cancer for the medical fraternity REHABILITATION & SURVIVORSHIP. REHABILITATION & SURVIVORSHIP Providing affordable prosthetics to Cancer survivors. Providing psycho-social and community adjustment services to cancer patients. Building UGAM – a voluntary support group determined to help childhood cancer survivors to rise above all obstacles in life and be victors. Build the Second Life Foundation to help cancer survivors lead a fulfilling life.
Breast cancer treatment In Jalandhar 1. Breast cancer treatment options depending on the location and size of the tumor in his chest. 2. Various methods of treatment of breast cancer Breast cancer treatment can be local or systemic. Radiation therapy and surgery is the treatment of breast cancer. Local breast cancer treatment that is used to destroy, remove or control the growth of cancer cells. Hormonal therapy and chemotherapy is a systemic treatment. Systemic treatment is targeted to control or destroy cancer cells throughout the body. Various forms of breast cancer treatment can be determined at the same time or one after the other. The operation is one of the treatment of breast cancer is the most common. Many types of surgical interventions can be used. Surgical intervention to remove the breast is called mastectomy. Surgery is done to remove the cancer cells without affecting the size of the breast is called breast conserving surgery or breast-saving. Radiation therapy or radiotherapy: The breast cancer treatment specialist using high energy radiation to kill cancer cells and to stop them from growing. Chemotherapeutic breast cancer treatment: The Specialist using different types of drugs or combination from different drugs to kill cancer cells or to stop them from growing. Drugs given in cycles; time of treatment followed by a longer recovery period followed by another breast cancer treatment. Hormone therapy for breast cancer treatment: It used to stop the growth of cancer cells that affects the female hormones. Breast cancer treatment may include the use of drugs, which changed the way hormones work or surgery to remove the ovaries produce female hormones. Breast Cancer Specialist in Jalandhar