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"WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY". As per WHO world wise tobacco use has declined since 2000 but in India tobacco use is increasing day by day. This habit is increasing in teenagers and females particularly. Tobacco is leading cause of death due to CANCER and CARDIO VASCULAR diseases including STROKE. Tobacco kills over 7 million people each India over 2800 people died per day because of tobacco. These days cigarettes are in trend with youngsters. People started smoking cigarettes and they feel thy are looking cool but it is very harmful affecting there health day by day . So please be aware and remember.. "TOBACCO KILLS Smokeless tobacco products are less deadly than cigarettes. On average, they kill fewer people than cigarettes. Smokeless products are often promoted as a less harmful alternative to smoking, but they are still linked with cancer and can still be deadly. And they have not been proven to help smokers quit. Best cancer hospital in Jalandhar
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